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Our Vision & Values

We strive to be a leader in education, fostering a community of confident and caring individuals who lead with honesty and make a positive difference in the world.

Academic Excellence

We are committed to providing a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that challenges and prepares students for higher education and future careers.


We uphold the highest standards of honesty, ethical behaviour, and personal responsibility in all aspects of academic and personal life.

Global Perspective

We foster a global mindset, promoting cultural awareness, diversity, and an understanding of interconnectedness in a globalized world.


We encourage grit, determination, and a growth mindset, instilling in students the confidence to overcome challenges and persevere in their pursuits.

We believe that school maintains an exemplary academic education, caring for values and involving families. The facilities are marvellous and with the improvements being made, the environment could not be better.

– Meres International School, Parent

Our approach

Teachers plan an inquiry-based curriculum and link various areas in an interdisciplinary manner. The cycle of inquiry continues to develop in PAI, we start teaching through inquiry, then they work actively, and finally they reflect on what they have learned by creating their reflective journals.

In the last year of MYP (4th year of ESO) students carry out a Personal Project where they put into practice the competencies and skills acquired through individual work where they explore and research an area that motivates the student.

Throughout the program, students carry out Service as Action activities (CAS), focusing on solidarity, community and environmental actions that promote awareness of the world around them both globally and locally.

MYP provides tools for lifelong learning & fosters responsible attitudes:

Academic Excellence

The percentage of English taught is 35%, since the language is already consolidated among the students. In the first year of ESO, the second foreign language French is mandatory until last year of this stage.

Our school is an examination centre of the University of Cambridge for obtaining official qualifications. In 1st ESO students take the Preliminary English Test, (Level B1) and in 3rd and 4th ESO students have the level to take the First Certificate in English, (Level B2).

Some of our students certificates in C1 Level already in 4th ESO.

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