Our objective,
healthy and balanced nutrition.

The dining room has a great importance in the life of the school and is one of the favorite places for our students.

Ours is not a catering service, the dishes are homemade daily by a team that has been cooking for years with skill and care, earning the affection of our students.

With an independent building full of natural light, the dining room is a meeting place that encourages disconnection from other classes and activities and relaxed conversation between students, teachers and kitchen staff in a familiar and close atmosphere.

More than 1,700m2 of dining room and kitchens

Menus designed by a nutritionist

In-house kitchen equipment and facilities

Preparation of dishes on a daily basis

Local food and products

We do not consume processed products

One more place of


The students at the school not only learn to have a balanced diet and acquire healthy habits, but also responsibility is encouraged. For the youngest students, the cooks serve them and collect the plates and glasses, but from 3rd grade onwards, it is the children who are in charge of doing it. In the upper grades, from 1st ESO onwards, it is also the children themselves who serve themselves the food and leave the table cleared when they finish.

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Located in an independent first floor building, our dining room is the heart and main meeting point for the whole Colegio Internacional Meres family. The school dining rooms are staffed during the dining room hours by the students' teachers-tutors. We do not have external staff.

In September we provide families with the list of menus for the school year. In addition to the regular menu, we have the option of a diet menu and a menu for celiacs.

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