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The only Private International School in Asturias

Being an IB World School means being part of a community of more than 5,000 schools around the world that deliver IB programs to help create a better and more peaceful world, within a framework of mutual understanding and intercultural respect.

We seek to create students with a critical spirit, informed, eager for knowledge and compassionate who are capable of collaborating to develop a better world in the future.

The future of education is here

International education aims to discover and develop the best in each child, and research shows that IB students perform better than their peers in other programs.

The IB equips students with useful skills for the future, as well as a globally recognised education. We prepare them to be citizens of tomorrow, able to step forward and contribute positively to the world.

Meres International School was one of the first schools in Spain to become an IB World School, and now there are only 26 schools in Spain that have obtained this accreditation.

The IB organization reviews these accreditations every 5 years and verifies that the international curriculum is being followed, as well as analysing the facilities and the teachers who are constantly trained and updated.

Advantages of the IB and how we differ from other programs:

IB Program educational offering

Each of the 3 programs offered at Meres International School from 1st grade through 2nd grade of Baccalaureate is committed to the development of the IB learning community profile in the students.

This profile aims to develop students who are:
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Frequently asked questions about IB

The subjects are focused not only on content but on personal reflection based on practical and individual work in each of them.

There are also final exams in the first and second year of high school, as well as a final essay and a series of extra-academic activities to complete your curriculum.

In our school we teach Spanish and literature, English, French, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Sports Sciences and Philosophy according to modality.

Our students take the exam at the end of high school. In addition, the projects they have to do are evaluated externally. Each subject is worth 7 points and core subjects are worth 3, up to a maximum of 45. The minimum score to pass is 24 points.

Our students study both programs at the same time. This means that they will have subjects whose contents are governed exclusively by the national plan and others that integrate the contents of both programs.

Taking the DP allows students to be responsible for their own learning. It provides them with tools for self-management and self-planning. As well as encourages critical thinking and allows each student to set limits on everything they want to achieve during their high school years.

An IB student at the Meres International School acquires throughout their training personal qualities and knowledge, skills and abilities that will allow them to successfully adapt to any academic or work challenge.

We not only prepare students to enter university, but to effectively complete their entire academic career.

Yes. Currently, prestigious universities spread across Europe, Asia, America and Oceania have developed recognition policies for IBO students. Diploma Program students acquire such complete training that they can choose to apply for admission to any university of their choice.

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An education based on values where we care about the person, their development and their social and emotional intelligence.

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