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An education based on values where we care about the person, their development and their social and emotional intelligence.

Thanks to our method, which combines the best of the International Baccalaureate Organization and our own educational system, we offer a model where the results of our students make the difference.

As an International School, language learning, bilingualism and internationalism are part of the center's DNA
  • The youngest children will enjoy an education based on learning through play with their teachers and classmates.

  • In a creative, safe and stimulating environment that allows them to develop autonomy, motor coordination, collaboration and communication skills.

  • In addition, at this educational stage, they will enjoy a unique space and natural environment to develop all these skills.

  • Our elementary school program is oriented to generate work and study habits in order to gradually train our students' responsibility and autonomy.

  • It is important that they begin to develop skills and autonomy that will allow them to successfully integrate into a secondary school without difficulties. At this stage, collaboration and teamwork are also important.

  • In this phase of learning, we continue working on the language knowledge acquired in the previous stage, which our students accredit in advanced linguistic competencies.

  • In addition, at this stage we reinforce critical thinking skills, the development of emotional intelligence and problem solving skills in all didactic activities.

  • This is the last stage of our educational process, where effort, responsibility and a job well done are put into practice and results are obtained.

  • We have reached an important moment in education. Our efforts are oriented to the enhancement of key personal and emotional competencies.

  • We work on the ability to explore, problem solving, autonomy and communication skills, encouraging commitment and reflecting all this in excellent academic results.

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