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welfare as a principle.
Education and and welfare as principles

In our family of international schools, the culture of wellness is truly lived and breathed. We are pioneers in the use and analysis of data that facilitates more robust and targeted interventions for the well-being of our students. We complement the importance of pastoral care in the school with the development of a proprietary way of using tools to monitor indicators associated with student well-being, proactively identifying issues that need to be addressed.

In parallel, on Cognita’s annual Global Be Well Day wellbeing day in September, Meres International School joins with all other Cognita schools to spend a whole day carefully reviewing courses with a sole focus on wellbeing.

Cognita regularly produces high quality resources for families, such as the Wellness Resources series on issues such as sleep and screen time.

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Meres International School is part of Cognita, an extraordinary family of distinct but connected schools that share a common goal: to create a stimulating educational world in which students gain confidence and empower them to succeed. With more than 110 schools in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia, Cognita has around 10,000 teaching and support staff dedicated to the care and education of more than 58,000 students.

Cognita schools offer a unique international education that goes beyond qualifications, focusing on developing all-round academic excellence, providing young people with confidence and initiative and preparing them to grow, develop and pursue their own success in a rapidly changing world.

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The education that students receive revolves around three main axes: