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our philosophy.

We are leaders with our model based on educational excellence. Our way of teaching sets us apart, growing and learning in a unique environment, with our own methodology and the highest quality curriculum.

A different teaching


Educational excellence

A unique educational model. Educational excellence and a unique model endorsed by the best international organization to give your children a solid education, contrasted by the best international organization and that gives results.




3-6 years


6-12 years


12-16 years


16-18 years

We are


We integrate international culture and language learning in the classroom and in the school in a natural way, adapting it to the different teaching activities and stages of educations.

A unique environment to grow together

Discover a privileged environment connected to nature. Our buildings and facilities are designed for the development and education of our students according to their needs and stage of education.

A campus to


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Our Solar System from home

We represent the solar system with a lot of art. These are the works that our students have prepared from home to study our planetary system.

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We celebrate Europe Day

We celebrate that it is Europe Day through our collaborative Escape Room. Dare to take a tour through the history of Europe.

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Welcome to your second home. Keep up to date with us and discover our facilities and education programme.