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Only Private International School in Asturias

Being an IB World School means being part of a community of more than 5,000 schools around the world that deliver IB programs to help create a better and more peaceful world, within a framework of mutual understanding and intercultural respect.

International education aims to discover and develop the best in each child, and research shows that IB students perform better than their peers in other programs.

The IB equips students with useful skills for the future, as well as a globally recognized education. We prepare them to be citizens of tomorrow, able to step forward and contribute positively to the world.

Colegio Internacional Meres was the first school in Spain to become an IB World School and now there are only 26 schools in Spain that have obtained this accreditation. The IB organization reviews these accreditations every 5 years and verifies that the international curriculum is being followed, as well as analyzes the facilities and the teachers who are constantly trained and updated.

The profile of the IB learning community is the expression of a wide range of human capabilities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success.

Each of the 3 programs offered at Colegio Internacional Meres from 1st grade through 2nd grade of Bachillerato is committed to the development of the IB learning community profile in the students.

This profile aims to develop students who are:

Advantages of the IB and how we differ from other programs
  • Students learn how to learn from the very beginning.

  • Unlike national curricula, IB programs reflect best practices from a wide variety of educational frameworks.

  • We encourage students to examine both the local and international environment. We are citizens of the world.

  • We encourage students to think critically and question what they are told.

  • We work on soft skills from kindergarten through high school, through the development of research and public speaking skills.

  • We learn to communicate in several languages from an early age.

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