Sharing values,
as a fundation to education.
Our philosophy

Grow up with values

Our model of educational excellence is key, as well as our recognised method that guarantees results and academic success. But we like to go further.

Our students are part of an international learning community. Their success, motivation and happiness are key to developing personal and emotional skills that allow them to connect in today's world and society.

That is why, at Colegio Internacional Meres, we bring education to values. To excellence not only academically, but also socially and personally.

Our students, citizens of the world.
We are endorsed and accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) at all stages of education, and are part of the IBO® World School network.
Educating in skills and values
We integrate the profile of the IBO learning community into our education model
  • Motivation and effort

    In a happy environment of trust, our students develop work habits that make them feel confident and persevere in their goals.

  • Organisation and discipline

    Respect for people, the environment and the school rules are essential in our organisation. Consistency in organisation and discipline gets results. The consequences of our actions make us behave responsibly.

  • Persistent and resilient

    We provide our students with the tools to help them overcome difficulties and take on challenges.

  • Responsible and reflective thinkers

    At all stages our students develop research skills and use critical and creative thinking skills. Knowing and understanding their strengths and weaknesses help them to advance in their personal development.

  • Physically, mentally and emotionally balanced

    Each aspect of a person is important for their own well-being and that of others. We learn with and from the group.

  • Sociability and collaboration

    Sensitive and empathetic. Feeling like an active part of a group where working as a team achieves high goals.

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