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Offer of extracurricular activities

Throughout the school year and at midday, the school offers its students a wide range of activities based on music, languages and sports. At Colegio Internacional Meres we strongly encourage these activities that promote very positive values and in which our students learn to socialize, to manage their time and above all, to enjoy themselves.


We have authorized an Elementary School of Music, with the instruments: Piano, violin, viola, cello, transverse flute, clarinet and guitar. In addition, our center is accredited for the preparation of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exams.

In addition, we have the activities of Singing and Choreography Music and movement.


Another of the classes offered within our range of extracurricular activities are Ballet and Aerobics. For children who love dancing these two disciplines promote their development both physically and mentally and help in the formation of the child's personality.


Sport is a very interesting activity in the development and education of school-age children. In addition to the physical benefits, important values such as respect, responsibility, effort and companionship are instilled from a very early age. Within our school our students can practice the following sports: Basketball, judo, soccer, tennis, handball and skating.


Our students learn languages during their school hours as part of the educational curriculum, but we also offer extracurricular classes in which they can continue learning new languages or perfecting and improving those already taught in their course.

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