An education,

100% international.

The future is global. We educate citizens of the world. Taught by a team of teachers trained in international methodologies and constantly updated.

An international environment, based on a multilingual education system and an IBO-endorsed programme



Our students learn other languages naturally. International Culture is integrated into the curriculum and progresses through all stages of education. For us, certification is important.

A model
of international excellence

These are the advantages that make this international, state-of-the-art system unique, which we have integrated into our education model and offer at all stages.

Our model of international excellence enables us to certify all our students with advanced language skills in English and French, thanks to collaborations with prestigious international entities and organisations, such as the International Baccalaureate Organisation, Trinity College London and Alliance Française.

Endorsed by the



Students finish baccalaureate with a C1 English and B2 French certificate

We use an integrated


Being international is much more than learning languages. It means putting into practice an education method that uses language as a means of teaching, with multilingual classes and qualified international teachers.

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